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Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 3:34 AM

Comparing Frontpoint questions

Sorry if someone already asked. Just moved into new house and used Frontpoint at old house for 4years. Having issues setting up a couple of things to align.

1. When in home mode, I have door sensors on some inside doors, how do I make sure those doors do not trigger?

2. Anyone used door sensor for garage door? Or know if there's a garage door sensor?

3. Same as question 1, can I separate the motion sensor, if I have sensor inside garage.

4. Create a new set of mode that's unique and custom to sensors

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1 year ago

@akingbade First, welcome to the forums.  Great online community with very nice customers and SS moderators. Now on to your questions, not in order....

2. I have two garage doors with two sensors.  Using just a entry sensor, I orginally used two door hindges.  Another customer posted that someone had actually designed and used a 3D printer to produce great mounts over at Etsy. Better mouse trap for sure, I bought two (cheap) and have used them Work great. Have the sensors set to instant trigger and to alarm in home mode, unfortunately, SMS Alert in away mode. Patiently awaiting for SS to someday come out with an official solution.

3. Yes, I have a motion sensor in my garage, same settings and works very well. I should note my garage is not heated like most and here in chicagoland, the temp varies from 90 in summer is single digits in the winter in my garage.

4. Unfortunately, you only get off, home and away, but each sensor setup is very flexible and may fit what you need. For example, I have six motion sensors in every room on my first floor and 3 upstairs.  In home mode, all six on the first floor are armed, and the 2nd floor where we all sleep are all off. Away mode, all are on, set to instant trigger.

1. Following on my answer in 4, I too have sensors on interior doors, including closets and drawers in various rooms. All are set to message only  but are armed in home and away. (all are on the first floor). Note you can arm any of the sensors in home only or in away only, if you need to.

Hope all of this helps. If you have further questions, call SS. They are more than happy to assist. Good luck.


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1 year ago

Hi @akingbade ,

By default, in Home Mode, all your Motion Sensors are disabled, but your Glassbreak and Entry Sensors remain enabled. But you can go into the Devices section of the SimpliSafe app to configure exactly which sensors are active in Home Mode - that goes for all Entry, Motion, and Glassbreak Sensors.

Entry Sensors can definitely be used for garage doors. Just keep in mind that if you're placing a sensor on iron or steel, you will want padding of some sort to prevent the surface from being magnetized, which would prevent the sensor from working properly.

Also keep in mind that triggering the sensor will start a countdown before a full alarm event starts. So you'll either have to drive into the garage and run to your Keypad, or use the SimpliSafe app, or Key Fob, before you open the garage door.

Our Motion Sensors use passive infrared - meaning that they look out for sources of heat moving around the room. In a cold environment, they can be more sensitive, so they might be more likely to trigger false alarms.

Also keep in mind that both Entry and Motion Sensors have a recommended operating environment of 32°F to 120°F , 90% max humidity. Beyond those thresholds, you might see decreased performance, like shorter battery life.

And yes, we aim to live up to our name and keep things simple. So right now, we've only got three modes: Home, Away, and Off.

If you have more questions, please keep them coming!

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