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Monday, June 29th, 2020 8:16 PM

Billing for Monitoring Service - Daily or Monthly?

So I was reading this review about SimpliSafe on the Safewise website:


In the review they stated the following:

Expert Tip
SimpliSafe packages its monitoring service in 30-day bundles, and it's not tied to a calendar month. When you buy 30 days of professional monitoring, you don't have to use them all at once. If you only want monitoring for a week of vacation, you can pause it when you get back and use the rest of your days whenever you need some extra security.

Can anyone confirm if this in fact true?

I have ordered and received a SimpliSafe system - but I am on the fence as to whether or not I want to keep it.  I was under the impression that SimpliSafe would provide access to the phone application features that are available through WiFi (push notifications, alarm history etc.) without a monitoring plan - like most of its competitors offer.

If the monitoring service is actually billed per daily usage vs monthly, this would be a big plus and might sway my decision to keep the system.

Thanks for any insight on this.



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3 years ago

From what I've heard, it's not true;  people claim that when they go to cancel monitoring, it is done "that day" not when they actually wanted it cancelled.  Possibly, if you put it "on hold" they do do it the way that ad says, but I don't recall reading about anyone who actually did that.

SS is designed for professional (ie, paid for) monitoring and as an income stream from the monitoring plans, which is why the cost of the system is relatively inexpensive.  So of course they are going to require the top plan for the most functions.  It's still a bargain.

You could call and ask, the odds you would get a correct answer is probably 50% or less, and the odds that the person who handles your "hold" does it correctly are lower yet.  Best method may be to just try it.   Buy a month, use it for a week, put it on hold for a week, then reactivate it and make sure you go 3 more weeks before they charge you again.  At that point, you should still be in your 60 day return window (if you do send it back,  make sure you get a tracking number and track it.  They have been known to "lose" returned systems)
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