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Monday, January 20th, 2020 7:53 PM

Additional Key Pad

I recently purchased a new home security systems from Simplisafe with a nice promotion. In my excitement, I miscounted and actually needed to purchase one more keypad. Now my system is incomplete and until I get another keypad, I cannot install the system. Is it possible to get a discount (similar to the one for my initial purchase) on the new keypad?




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4 years ago

Why can't you complete installation? (you only need one keypad to install sensors etc).

You have to call them and ask about your previous discount - sometimes they will do so, other times they won't, mainly depends on how recent it was.

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4 years ago

You can get 30% off.   Use promo SAVETHIRTY

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Thanks - the discount worked.

I didnt want to install the system without two keypads as we use two different entrances on different floors of our row house (front and back).

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4 years ago

I decided to stick with SS and hope that nothing happens where I need support.  So I went all in and bought entry sensors for all of my windows and a couple of cameras.  I am very glad that this code existed, though having to pay shipping chipped away at my savings.
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