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Thursday, November 12th, 2020 2:22 PM

A cautionary tale

Even though my son tried to convince me Ring was a better deal than SimpliSafe, I went forward with the latter. I was pretty excited at first, and told two other families who made their own purchases (I didn't get the promised free months because those two families would have lost their discount by giving me credit--brilliant!).

The other day I downgraded my monitoring service from the $25 the $15 level (I didn't need some of the more sophisticated features of the $25 monitoring). Later that night, when I tried to use the iPhone app to set the system, I found SimpliSafe had crippled my ability to use the app!

Being able to use an app for the system seems basic and rudimentary for any system, regardless of the contract. I called my son the next morning and he told me he can do anything on his Ring app, and he doesn't even have a contract.

This kind of policy seems a little vindictive: pay the big bucks, or we'll disable your app. Is this really the brand image SimpliSafe wants to project? For this reason alone I cannot recommend SimpliSafe.


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3 years ago

@bradford.cathey  sorry you feel that way but you are certainly entitled to your opinions.  When I purchased SS2 over 8 years ago I knew of the plans, what they offered and differences, as I researched it before purchase.  That said, if you are within the 60 day window of purchase, you can return your system for a full refund no questions asked. And, finally, in my opinion, the 24.99 plan and what you get is the best value in the industry.  30 recommended systems and so far no regrets.

SS, you do need to be more straightforward with your website and go out of your way to illustrate, clearly, the differences in your plans.

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3 years ago

Points taken @Captain11.

My gripe is not with anything but the loss of the expected ability to use the app to press a couple of buttons. I'm sure, for those that need all the monitoring features of the premium plan, the price is right, but to remove the natural ability to use the app makes no sense from a user/brand experience point of view. Two buttons is not worth $10/mo.
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