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Friday, January 3rd, 2020 12:32 AM

80 minute wait on the phone

I just called to get help with setting up my new system.  The wait time was 80 minutes.  In all of my life I have never been told to wait that long from a company.  I would hang up if I heard I had to wait 30 minutes.  80?  Something is wrong at SimpliSafe.

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4 years ago

I assume you hung up?

I guess I am the only person who has had long wait times for customer service with the credit card company, cable company, etc.

I guess you should be thankful that they don't CHARGE for service after 90 days like some tech companies..
And that it's not off shored.

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4 years ago

I have never waited anywhere near 80 minutes for a credit card, cable, or any other utility.  Nowhere close.

The longest I've waited on hold for SS so far is somewhere around 60 minutes.  They picked up the phone and immediately disconnected.  My other calls were somewhat shorter and were all disconnected as well.  No emails have ever been answered and I have never been able to talk to an actual person.

Stop trying to make it seem like the OP is being unreasonable in expecting better support.  Something is definitely wrong at Simplisafe.

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4 years ago

I called last night and was told a 45 minute wait! It was 6PM and I was off work, so I called and waited on the phone for an hour and nobody picked up. I called this morning, was told a 9 minute wait, and had someone after after 15 minutes. My first question was to ask whether or not it was normal to have such a long wait time. The customer service rep replied, "Uhhhh....." and hung up on me!!!

I called back to hear that it would be another 15 minute wait and gave up.

Is this normal? I bought my entire set up kit based on the recommendations of two close friends, but my first impression of the SimpliSafe is very poor right now. If I'm unable to have a conversation with customer service, then I think it is my best interest to look elsewhere.

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Demi Gray, that's where I'm at right now.  This is completely normal for Simplisafe.  Some have said that it will get better once we are past the holiday season but that it will get bad again in November.  Long wait times are completely normal.  Disconnects once you do get someone are completely normal.  I sometimes wonder if support for this entire company is run out of some stoner guy's mother's basement.  To this date and after multiple tries, I have never spoken to a living, breathing human being.  I've either given up after a very long hold time or been hung up on.  I've emailed multiple times and have not heard back.

And I am in the process of trying to get an RMA to return my system.  It functions well but I cannot work with a company that basically flips off every customer every time that they try to get in touch with support.  It shows what Simplisafe thinks of its customers.  Based on my experiences with this company, I am shocked that they are still in business.
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