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Monday, June 6th, 2022 9:40 PM


 **ZERO STARS** I bought a system 7 months ago and during set up none of the cameras worked. They apologized after hours of troubleshooting and said they would overnight me new cameras especially because we were going out of town. The camera never came, we waited 2 weeks for the camera to come because we called them AGAIN when we came back in town and the CSR said they forgot to send the replacement. So, we attempted to set up the cameras again with tech/CSR fo hours on the phone and he said that he thinks they sent us an older camera by accident that doesn't work with our internet, He then suggested we DOWNGRADE our internet service quality to accomodate the old camera. I said I'd think about it because we have been with our service for 3 years. Also, why does your NEW equipment not work with today's internet speed?? STUPID! 

SO then 2 months go by of us trying to trouble shoot and we are Now out of our 60 day return window. We had been told that all we need to do is continue troubleshooting with them to get it working properly and  have everything working together with the hope that our alarms and the cameras will work together as one because NOW we cannot get our money (almost $ 400) back.
All while they keep telling us they have a Liefetime Warranty and all we need to do is spend hours on the phone trying to get it to work as they do not do in home setup. 

So, here we are... phone calls later having them send an entirely new system shipped to us because we didn't feel right trying to sell the current system we had, even though their CSR told us to, in hopes that the new system they're sending works. Just so we can turn around and sell it online ourselves in hopes to recover some of our money spent, which is actually nothing compared to the amount of time we spent on the phone. 

Warning you now... AVOID this BRAND, It's Products and Services at all costs!!!

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2 years ago

Hi @Adriannecarbonell ,

I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. Please rest assured, I am reporting this to our Support team leadership, so we can provide better training.

I specifically want to point out that the advice about having to 'downgrade' your service, because your cameras are somehow incompatible, is very incorrect. Though there may have been miscommunication, and the representative may have meant to refer to WiFi frequency bands. Rather than being about internet speed/quality, they describe different bands that your WiFi network can communicate in (compare that to different radio stations that devices can tune into). Practically all WiFi routers support both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, but our cameras support 2.4GHz only.

The correct advice would be to set up an alternate or guest WiFi network that uses the 2.4GHz band only, as that can help your cameras to find the right connection. This can be done through your WiFi router's configuration page.

But I sincerely hope that we're able to turn the situation around for you. If you like, I can put you in touch with our more experienced specialist team to make sure that your whole replacement system is up and running properly.


2 years ago

I also forgot to mention they sent us the wrong camera replacement and had to send yet another indoor camera, that did NOT work!! LOL What a joke! Can't stand by their products, refuse to give customers their money back and spend hours on the phone with you not being helpful, and filling you with promises on their products and services that they will not stand by just to keep you satisfied until you are past that 60 day return window! Respectfully... You SUCK :)

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