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Wednesday, March 31st, 2021 3:57 AM


Everytime I ask for myrefunded CC charges on THREE orders I get told , um  it's in the works it'll take 10 working days,  when I check back it's also um it's in the process it'll take ANOTHER 10 working days,

They send me an order thactually arrived a day before they stated, so there was no one here to know the package was left by FedEx outside on the sidewalk overnight. Not even a notification that it had been delivered, much less early.

When it arrived the box corner was crushed and I could hear something rolling and rattling in the bottom,

So combining this with the first two orders that were placed , and canceled within minutes of the third, SimpleSafe has held my money in stead of charging it back to my card immediately as I have demanded on several occasions (10)

They owe me $ they should not be sitting on with no resolution except  "it's in the process"  "it'll take ten days"   then after 7-10 WORKING days, check back and get the same replay.  Wait a minute, it was ALREADY suppose to be refunded to the card.!!Why is it taking ANOTHER 10 days WORKING (b.s.)

The box of equipment arrived in a shipping cardboard the thickness of shoebox cardboard, not even corrugated, no great wonder why it got crushed.
It als came like I said FedEx 3-5 days so they could start charging for the monitoring or something, who knows, but the Return ship label they sent goes via US Postal Service Slow Boat, should get there in two weeks and still beat any refund from the first 2 charges.

That way they get to tie up the rest of the $ from the refunded package for what 30 days??? They offer a 60 day (not WORKING DAYS btw) guarantee, I bet it takes that and then some to see THAT $ refunded too

THREE sums from THREE orders minutes apart, and I bet none, much less the first two that were immediately cancelled ever reach my card again in the last WORKING DAYS part of March, April, or May ( 47 of 61)

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3 years ago

Have you checked with your credit card company to see what they can do?

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3 years ago

Hi @t.yinger,

Were sorry to hear that you've had such problems getting your refunds. We'll make sure to have one of our Account Specialists reach out to you right away to see what we can do for you.

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