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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 4:05 PM

Website Security Sales & Integration article - LOL

Nothing makes me more skeptical than the old reliable "Security Sales & Integration" website when it posts articles about Simplisafe, or any other company for that matter.  It never disappoints with the classic hack job as it attempts to position itself in being the protector of the consumer (puke) that non traditional solutions are not "real" solutions as opposed to the traditional players in their industry.

For this round, a traditional, well established security company asked the BBB to "investigate" the claims of SS on the 3.5 faster response time with visual verification. Gee, wonder who...yeah, ADT. Gasp. Who would have thought.

Based on my experience with Simplisafe, COPS monitoring, if it isn't 3.5 x faster, it's got to be quicker as they don't have to call you to advise you someone is walking around your house when you are away. And, based on my way too long experience with ADT, the expression "long walk on a short pier" comes to mind. (Attempting to be polite as there may be children cruising the forums..)

Still love the Chicago CBS affiliate's review on ADT. It was funny (unless, of course, you were one of their customers.) where salesmen were actually punching holes in walls when they came out to provide free estimates.

Yes, SS is far from perfect...but thankfully, they are no ADT.

As far as SSI, they continue promoting their professional sponsors. Just be aware the entire site is a paid commercial for the likes of ADT.

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