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Tuesday, August 25th, 2020 5:39 PM

Weak tape doesn't keep sensors attached

Overall, the system is working EXCEPT the double-sided tape used to attach the sensors is weak and begins to fail after a few months.  This has happened with both the systems we own.   A sensor fell off while we were gone from one  home and set off the motion detector, which in turn, set off the alarm, which in turn meant a call from SimpliSafe to the police, which in turn meant a police visit.  I suspect we will get a letter from the police dept.  In any case, I would strongly suggest SimpliSafe search for a better product to attach sensors.

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3 years ago

In a stunning move,  SS went from the 3M tape they used to use to some generic copy.  It does not work as well, what a shock.  They've probably got 400 cases of the crap, so don't expect better any time soon.  You would be best served by going to the hardware store and getting the real stuff.
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