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Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 11:38 AM


In the past I could access the timeline for my account and go back as far as I want. For about a year now, the timeline only shows the last 8 days. If I go back any further the results are: "no events yet". I have tried to get an answer to this from the tech support people, had my base station and keypad replaced and the customer reps have no answer for me other than to reboot my system. The system is fine. It shows all the activities for the last few days. This is a policiy issue as far as I can tell. Simplisafe simply refuses to allow me to go back beyond one week. For owners of seasonal homes it is impoertant to be able to verify visitations to their property for isnsurance purposes. I am told that the timeline is maintained by Simplisafe and tghey have been able to verify dates for me. Why on earth would they disable this feature from their site? Contacting the support team by email gets me nowhere. They can't answer questions about my account for "security" reasons. This forces me to call their people who for the most part are friendly and try to help, but they don't have the answer, either and if they try to get someone else to help, they are on hold just like I am for 20 minutes or more.

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2 years ago

@ luckystarfarm13 this has been discussed extensively on other threads, but unfortunately, there is no search in the forums and as of this date a Google Site search won't work either.

SS made several changes to the monitoring plans, including for those customers that have no paid plan. Some customers like the changes, others not.  You would fall into the latter category as the timeline is now limited in view.  From my point of view (my is a key word there) the changes are for the better, but don't really effect me as I am on (always have and always will be) on the 24.99 Interactive plan.  Best value in the industry for what it provides.

Now, on to Johnny M.

Good morning Johnny!! Today is Wednesday Sept 8th. Two weeks since you advised your crack team of web coders would start "as soon as possible" getting google site searches working again in the forums.  By the way, in case you are wondering, I am like a dog with a bone on certain things, and this is one of them. Let's not be posting about this during Thanksgiving week 2023 please. Thanks!
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