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Friday, August 21st, 2020 6:09 PM

Poor Execution re Customer Support

Not sure if anyone high-up in the company reads and/or acts on these posts, but since I like to support American companies, here goes:

  The concept of SimpliSafe is great.
  The product seems to generally work well, albeit with some issues that take time and effort to fix.
  The SimpliSafe CSRs are pleasant and nice.

  As Patton, Drucker, and pretty much every other management/leadership "guru" has stated, execution is crucial to success. SimpliSafe is basically horrendous here. As an example, I have a magnetic sensor that doesn't stick and can't be drilled on. Not a big deal. I e-mailed SimpliSafe to ask to purchase a replacement adhesive. They very nicely said don't bother buying, we'll send you some for free. Thank you!

However, the promised adhesives never arrived. Long story short, it took 5 (count them five!) follow-up e-mails and back and forth to get them sent out. And when they arrived, I received an envelope of 65 (again, thank you) free adhesives, but they were all the WRONG size. We had gone back and forth on the size issue multiple times in the e-mails.

Other maintenance issues with SimpliSafe over the years have extremely similar customer service woes.

So, for the sake of the company, please consider working on competence, knowledgeability, and execution amongst your CSRs.

Good luck!

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3 years ago

This is pretty shoddy treatment of a customer who has spent about $4000 for SimpliSafe hardware and monitoring during the past 5+ years.

Please remove the entire record of my account at (deleted for privacy reasons) for the original SimpliSafe system.

Apparently your staff cannot tell that I closed that account over a year ago when I moved to a new address at  (deleted for privacy reasons) with the new system.

I can ascertain no rationale why SimpliSafe would send me a replacement freeze sensor on Order  (deleted for privacy reasons)
for my old abandoned system and not for my newer generation system.

After all these months, it is quite disheartening that you cannot seem to replace a defective freeze sensor I ordered and you sent me.
-Ordered and received defective freeze sensor and reported it. The sensor was giving a constant temperature alert @ 76 degrees F, roughly in the middle of the set high-low temperature band.
-Was told by tech support this was a known issue with recent freeze sensors and SimpliSafe was working on a solution
-Waited 6 (?) months and called again to request replacement
-Discussed the reportedly known freeze sensor problem
-Was told replacement freeze sensor was being sent
-Not received a month later and customer service reported it had no record of the order
-Called Tech Support which denied knowing anything about an ongoing defective freeze sensor problem of the sort I was reporting.
-Was told  replacement unit being sent
-Received replacement , installed, tested, failed again.
-Troubleshot with SimpliSafe tech support
-Another replacement sent
-Received replacement but freeze sensor is for the old security system.



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3 years ago

^ That's par for the course with SS, for two years running now.

They DID have issues months ago with the freeze sensor showing alerts in the app and online web app, when in all actuality, the sensor was working (at least to provide an alert) - they took a long time to figure it out, and to my knowledge, it required a base station OTA update.  So, if you have the latest update, your freeze sensor should be working ok - if it isn't, ask the next rep you talk to, to escalate the issue (and I say that with hesitation because you can't directly talk with a supervisor unless a rep requests it and then when the supervisor ever gets around to calling you).

As for ordering, you have to drill it into the reps that your sensors are for your very specific system (in your case, SS3), and to please pay attention, as you no longer have the older SS2 system.  Yes, unfortunately, that's sometimes what it takes.  Or, you could check Best Buy, Amazon, Sams Club, Costco, etc and see if they have them available for purchase.  That way, you'll get what you ordered, and it will be shipped when they say it is, and the price difference is negligible.   That said, if your system is stil under the 3-yr warranty with SS, you should keep trying for the replacement with them.
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