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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 5:57 PM

Please improve the forum

Free forum software has been around for years and is very easy to set up, so users can find their topics and posts, etc.
As a hi-tech company it is odd the customer-facing software in the forum is so antiquated...

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3 years ago

This is on-purpose.   There was a search function.  They removed it.  The forum software has subscriptions, they disabled them.  They want this forum to be ephemeral.  

That said, it is indexed by and searchable from all the search engines using the "site:simplisafe.com" notation.

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3 years ago

So they spend time and money making it worse? That's a first. Why would they want to make it hard to see if anyone answered your question?!



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If you go to the new Help Center, there is a search function, and its pretty good. Content is improving and they do have a process to make suggestions for more content. Online chat help, which was great, was taken down before the start of the holiday season, so I hope it comes back soon.  Also, other improvements to the site have been recently made, such as the removal of Flash for viewing videos from the cameras.

As far as the forums, use a google site search. Works great and is easy.

And now a question for SS: When will online chat be back? It's mid February, after the holiday rush and staff hiring should be expanded by now to staff it properly.
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