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Monday, December 7th, 2020 3:08 PM

Outdoor Camera

Good Morning,
I am a current user/owner of the SimpliSafe security system with monitoring. We have several sensors, doorbell camera, and an indoor camera but would very much like a true outdoor camera.
As mentioned previously, we have an indoor camera and to be completely honest, it is just okay. We love everything else about the system but the indoor camera is lacking options. Now we are in "need" of an outdoor camera but based on my previous description of the indoor camera, I think you can understand my concern for just purchasing the "skin" for the indoor and putting it outside.
I am curious if an update beyond "soon" can be provided on the progress of an outdoor camera to remain relevant with many of the SimpliSafe competitors. I have to assume it is close but would like to check in on the status. Users like me, you know we are a little too invested in all the sensors and options already to leave SimpliSafe but new customers will see the lack of total protection and may steer towards another option if they desire the outside coverage.
There have been reports of more and more vehicle break ins in my area, and I park outside. I do NOT want to get another camera from a competitor as then I will have yet another app to manage and when it comes to home security, I would like to keep it in one place and with a company I know and trust.
That being said:
1. Can you please provide an update on the status of a "true" outdoor camera (not the indoor with a skin or the doorbell camera)
2. If you are offering BETA testers for this product (or just SimpliSafe products in general), I would like to be considered for this program but especially for the camera as the "need" for the outdoor camera is great.

Thank you for reading and considering.

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Hi @AA87,

I can understand your desire for a true outdoor camera. It's something that we've been working on for a while and are really excited about releasing once it is ready and has passed our quality assurance tests. While we can't divulge any additional information, we do have a beta test program. You can find more information about this program and complete the enrollment by visiting this thread.

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