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Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 7:16 PM

Outdoor Camera...

When can we expect an outdoor camera to be released? If SimpliSafe would at least release a statement about it potentially coming out, people would relax and wait for the final product. Not hearing anything makes people jump ship and look elsewhere for a system that does have it. If SimpliSafe was smart they would listen to the feedback and see how many people are asking for this or even just an update on a timeline.

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4 years ago

Outdoor cameras should NOT be "part" of a SECURITY system.  They don't have anything to do with setting off an alarm, and very little to do with responding after an alarm (watching people run away is of limited benefit).  The only useful methodology for an outdoor camera is continuous saved recording and viewing, with marks on the recording and notification to you when "triggered".  SS cameras have not played well in that methodology, and I would surprised if their outdoor cameras would fair any better.  

There is at least one outdoor camera system which is continuously monitored by the company.  They can yell at the perpetrators, and reliably dispatch police if they don't run off, so this one methodology COULD be considered a security system.  As you might expect, it's not cheap.

So, if SS ever comes out with outdoor cameras and you think they will work at least adequately, then you can get them then (and SS won't announce them in advance or perhaps even when they become available; you may only find out when a customer runs across them and reports it here).  

If you want to be able to cover your outside WELL and NOW, look into other companies.  Hint, the very best choice from a reliability and ease of maintenance standpoint is a hardwired DVR/NVR system, but they are a pain to install.  Wireless with wired power can be a tolerable compromise.  Completely wireless is the poorest choice (all the weakness of wireless plus having to constantly change batteries; solar powered might be a workable option)
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