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Monday, February 8th, 2021 1:13 PM

Outdoor camera power supply.

I have yet to receive my outdoor camera kit, but from what I can tell, there has been talk of someone being able to simply unplug the camera. I just installed my base unit this weekend and I was given the option of actually affixing the plug to the outlet via the center plate screw. This option would certainly eliminate the ability to unplug the camera, although if someone wanted to disable it bad enough they could just snip the cord all together I suppose. My point being, if there is no option to affix it to the outdoor outlet, would you recommend a locking outlet cover for this application?

Also, whatever you are developing for your eventual wire free outdoor camera, please do not use whatever technology the Arlo cameras have. I've never used a more buggy and inconsistent system. Please take this into consideration as I will replace every single Arlo camera with a SimpliSafe product if you get this right. (Granted they aren't too pricey for the average household.)

Thank you

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3 years ago

The power supply is actually a USB adapter, so even if it were attached, the USB cable could be easily removed.  And even if that were secured, it could be unplugged from the camera.  Or the wire can be easily cut.

The "outdoor camera" kit does not provide a "real" outdoor camera experience.  It's motion sensing is not optimized for outdoors, it's somewhat sensitive to temperatures outside the normal household range and there is no practical way to provide any real theft protection.  Just accept that it's better than nothing but not as good as it should be.
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