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Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 4:41 PM

New Account Troubles

I'd like to provide a description of my very poor first impression of SimpliSafe.

I attempted to place an order for a new system on Sunday, March 29th.  When I clicked the "Place Order" button, there was no confirmation screen to let me know the transaction had been completed.  Instead, the website took me back to the original shopping car page with my original order still in the cart.  I figured there was a mistake that I made, so I completed the order process again with the same result.  I checked my email and no confirmation email was sent for either "order."  My bank account, however, had 2 identical transactions of over $300.  I immediately called the support number and spoke with someone about the discrepancy.  They saw the problem, and assured me they cancelled one of the transactions and the refund would post to my account within 24hrs.  I understand sometimes it takes longer, so when the refund was not given on Monday, I figured I'd give it one more day.  This morning, I received 2 emails with shipping confirmations for 2 separate, but identical, orders.  Again, I called support(twice, to speak with 2 different individuals) and attempted to get the mistake rectified.  I was told the only recourse, now, is to wait for the packages to show up, and send one back for a full refund.

I'm pretty upset at the fact that I'm out +$350 until they receive and process the return.  I understand that it was more the ineptitude of the original employee I spoke with, and not representative of the entire company, but this experience hasn't been a shining first impression of SimpliSafe.  Botched order form on the website and no confirmation emails to let me know anything was completed until 3 days later when I get a shipping confirmation is not the beacon of reliability.  I hope the rest of my experience with this company helps me to think otherwise.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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3 years ago

Call back and ask to speak to a supervisor.  They are generally more flexible and *allowed* to do things the front line support cannot.  SS makes mistakes, but they usually will own up to them in favor of the customer.

Good luck!
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