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Friday, November 6th, 2020 1:37 AM

How do I receive my Haven order? Apparently NEVER!

To NOT get my Haven order, it has taken:

9 days, and at least 5 more to go
2 separate attempts to order online (website not functioning multiple days)
3 separate attempts to order over the phone
8 (at least) calls to customer service (very nice people, but incomplete promises) nearly every day to check status, get an invoice and a tracking number of the order that wasn't cancelled by the FBI algorithm (of which I was only notified once of the two times it was cancelled. I cannot be the only person in the US who needs the components shipped to a different address than the credit card confirmation address. I made customer service aware of this each time I had to order and reorder.)
1 missing key pad
2 missing entries
1 missing motion
1 missing camera
1 missing key fob
1 missing panic button
and who knows what else.

I cannot trust a security company that is unable to put together a complete order and ship it with a semblance of competence.

I will have to wait 5 more days for the balance of the components to arrive. If they do.

I am out of patience, and am giving up. This entire experience has been frustrating and a waste of time.

I will repackage the incomplete components I received and return them.

I will dispute the credit card charge.

I will file a complaint with the FTC for fraudulent advertising for your television and online ads.

I will tell everyone I know this company is incompetent and cannot be trusted.

This is no way to do business. And you've lost mine. I'm ordering from ADT.

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3 years ago

Simplisafe, is it the holidays already?  Have you started early again?  LOL.

@Smelinbarm, I wish you had been able to search the forums before your purchase, and since there's no search function on the forum, it's not your fault, lol.

(Assuming this is holiday related, because generally your experience is par for the course every year, especially the last 3 years).  
Every single year, before, during and after the holidays, people experience the same thing you have with screwed up orders, too long to ship (if it ships at all), wrong order, missing items, and just generally, SNAFU's big time.  I was hoping they'd get that improved this year, or last year, or the year before that.

Their 'fraud' algorithms need scrutiny, for sure.  No, you're not the only one on the planet who ships to a different address, but apparently, that's the top algorithm, who knows what the others are.  They've been called out on this before, but they don't seem willing to work on that.

I'm sorry you got a bad deal, I guess I'd only ask you to try the system once your remaining components arrive, but completely understand how fed up you are!  Btw, if you dispute with your cc issuer, and if the SS charges are posted to your cc account already, I would recommend you ask the cc issuer to do a charge-back, otherwise SS is known to take their sweet time with refunds.

Simplisafe, really, Smelinbarm's experience was a total and complete SNAFU.  Are you not prepared, AGAIN, after the last three holiday season SNAFU's?

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3 years ago

Both my systems were shipped without issue to an address different than the CC billing address. But, that was two, maybe three years ago. That said, and more generally, I regularly purchase using CC and have shipped to a different address. Maybe Skynet has learned my habits.

Far as shipping incomplete, I could see maybe an item or two if it didn't affect base functionality but that's pretty big list, and particularly missing key component like keypad. Why even ship a system without a keypad, unless to fulfill some sort of hollow metric; like when McDonald's tells you to pull ahead so their throughput still looks good even though you had to wait for your Filet-O-Fish.



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3 years ago

^ Can't say for certain, but I think they either started, or 'modified' their fraud thing last year (maybe year before that).  Either way, the forum is littered with posts just like this, every single holiday season.  Apparently, SS doesn't want happy customers.
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