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Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 2:37 PM

Customer Service & Technical Help

I wish I had read through this forum before spending the $$$ for a system, the customer service is truly terrible!
Placed an order a couple of weeks ago, was then told the lock was on back-order, that I could cancel the lock and purchase from somewhere else and get money back for the lock. So that's what I did, and I called back to confirm I wanted to cancel the lock part of the order. Just had an email today saying they had charged me for the lock after all and it would be arriving in 5-7 days. Have been on hold now for 20 minutes trying to get through to someone to speak about it.
Saturday, I needed technical support in setting up the system. Called 3 times but after 30+ minute wait each time I had to drop the call. Never did get to speak with anyone?
Is this always how it's going to be with Simplisafe? If so, I think I need to return everything and look elsewhere

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2 years ago

@lou.landry my first suggestion is not to panic. Wait times too long? Absolutely, no excuses for SS, however, I am a customer of 9+ years, 2 generations of systems and would not go with anyone else. Also have recommended and placed over 30 (another one being bought today by former co-worker) and all are happy, none returned.  When wait times get too long, SS has historically hired more associates, times go down and then, unfortuantely, around the holidays things go south again.

There is a real easy way for SS to balance support and resources, although they and other companies never use it. Its called the "sales line" and the # of new transactions. Can't support what you got, you slow down......yeah, on what planet am I on.

As far as support, what issue(s) are you having? Post details here and possibly a customer can assist. As far as your lock and refund, send an email to SS support in the help center to provide evidence you want it returned and ask for a return call.

Johnny M, this is not a way to run a railroad, or a security company for that matter. Sr mgt, its time to earn your keep, this needs to be addressed...now.
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