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Saturday, October 31st, 2020 5:38 AM

Cannot connect to dispatch Center

I have had this crap system just about when they came out the base unit is right by a window nothing blocking it works for a while and then all of a sudden cannot connect to dispatch Center they sent me a new base unit worked for awhile same thing cannot connect to dispatch Center I would advise going with a different system doesn't really help if your alarm is it connected to anything or anyone

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3 years ago

I sent out a group email to most of the 30 or so systems I have recommended to friends, family, former coworkers (retired now) etc to get some feedback on how things are going. Heard back from 17 of them and all systems (SS2 and SS3) are working fine, including mine. I should note all did complain about the outage earlier this week and many, including myself, provided stern feedback to SS it has to improve communication on outages, although monitoring was never effected.

As far as your system, which is the only one that rightfully counts for you, should connect. Sounds like a bad comm board and I am sure SS will send you a new one if asked. If its SS3, you can connect our system to WIFI in the interim. The board is easy to swap out for either system.  Also, when was the last test signal received? When you call, please post your outcome here.
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