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Tuesday, July 21st, 2020 4:31 PM

getting around the system

you folks may want to check this you tube video,not very encouraging

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3 years ago

a) Old news.  This has been discussed ad nauseum.

b) It's been tried by people  on the forum, and it does not work reliably in an actual system, and when it does work, it requires extensive knowledge about the system.

c) this is a weakness of EVERY wireless system..  

d) The general consensus is that this is not worth worrying about.  If it is every successfully used against a real system, we'll re-evaluate.  Because our only option is to scrap  wireless and go to the hassle of installing a wired system.  Which incidentally is also able be defeated.

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3 years ago

News flash: it's possible for someone who has the time and motivation to pick any lock and/or disable any alarm system.  But nobody is going to do that to get into your middle-class house to steal $100 in cash and costume jewelry.  If you're a multi-millionaire you probably need better hardware, otherwise this is irrelevant.

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2 years ago

I have actually tried this. You do not need to be that knowledgeable on the system as has been reported. I am a licensed ham radio operator and jammed my system. However, when it happens, SimpliSafe sends our phones a message that the system is being RF jammed. So if that happens in a real situation, I will call the police immediately when away from home to have them check out our house.

With my amateur handhelds I can jam ANY wireless system....any.

Most people breaking into a middle class home are crackheads, kids, criminal undocumented aliens (happened in the area recently and captured on camera) so they are not technically advanced enough to go through the trouble.

I am not worried.
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