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Thursday, January 30th, 2020 11:10 PM

Simplisafe monitoring will not send the police

Simplisafe monitoring will not send the police unless they have a visual confirmation with a camera.

We had a previous attempted break in so we installed simplisafe thinking it would notify police as it says it will on their site.

Just got a call today from Securitas who simplisafe has partnered with to inform us there is an intruder alert. He said there was motion detected in my bedroom from a motion detector.

No one was home and we had a previous attempted break-in so I asked him to notify the police. He refused saying he could not see an intruder in the cameras. That is idiotic on so many levels.

1. Why bother calling me if he wasn't prepared to take action?
2. All cameras are downstairs. The alert came from my upstairs bedroom where there is no camera, only a motion detector. He said if he couldn't see an intruder in the downstairs cameras so he didn't see the need to call the police. I tried to explain that the intruders may never come downstairs in front of the cameras- but he wouldn't budge.
3. He said he was connecting me to a supervisor - but you know what he really did - no one picked up the phone.
3. So simplisafe requires its customers to have a camera in every room otherwise the police will not be notified without a visual confirmation? So what's the point of all the other detectors - entry and motion and glass break?

Stupid policy. I recorded the frustrating call I had with the monitoring guy on my phone and am looking for where I should upload it. Please suggest.

Simplisafe is a garbage company for not letting its customers know before hand that it will not notify police without a visual confirmation with a simplicam.

How can these guys save us from crooks if they're crooks themselves?

Please share this so others are informed of the truth.

Thanks and namaste

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7 months ago

At my son's house where I live, I noticed that the system was unplugged for I don't know how long.  No one called.  SimpliSafe monitoring system is really bad.  Perhaps you can just self-monitor. 

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