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Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 12:25 PM

Cancelling my plan

​Can anyone tell me what app functionality you get if you don't pay into a plan every month?​
​I'm currently paying £12.99 a month for the 'Pro' plan (soon to be increasing by £3 a month) and for that the app tells me I should get the following: 24/7 alarm monitoring, Smartphone Controls, Record & Store Camera events, 30 days of storage, video verification, police dispatch, and medical alerts.​
​Well, to cut a long story short, the app is misleading because I don't get all these features, I can't set or turn off the alarm remotely by the app, I can view video from the cameras but can't save it or access motion events, and I don't get the storage, video verification, police dispatch or medical alerts.​
​So I'm strongly thinking about cancelling my payments if I'm not getting the functionality I thought I was.​
​My question is, if I cancel my plan, what app functionality will I be left with?​

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7 months ago

I've only had the system about a week but chose from the start not to have the monitoring. I'm a bit frustrated with it to be honest because there seems to be no way to "set up" the system in the app without having a monitoring plan. I therefore cannot remote manage my system; arm/disarm whilst away - despite claims on the website to allow this.

I do have a camera and can access the live feed and receive and manage motion alerts through the app. The camera functionality seems to be completely separate to the rest of the system if you don't have a plan. So this disjointed factor is also a bit disappointing. 

The camera obviously can't record events unless you have the camera plan but if you're happy with just live real-time alerts on motion (as I am) then this might not be much of a concern.

If you don't have a camera or monitoring plan then the app is completely useless from what I've so far been able to work out. I'd be happy to be proven wrong on this though if somebody more experienced is able to comment on what I might be missing.

I'm still eagerly awaiting the doorbell currently available in the US. Assurance that this was coming soon prompted me to go with SS. However, if this takes many more months then that might be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me.

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