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Thursday, November 28th, 2019 3:15 PM

WTF!? Wireless interference detected????

All of the sudden this system is going fucking nuts!  We keep getting "wireless interference detected."  Just started this morning a few minutes ago.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN THIS HOUSE!  NO new devices that haven't been here!  NONE!  Hell.... we didn't even leave the house yesterday to bring anything new in..... And of course customer service is closed!!!!!!!  So we have a choice of turning off the system and not being protected!!  Or listening to that crap over and over and over all day!  


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4 years ago

Don't know what you decided about arming your system, but call them at 9 am (ET) tomorrow morning, if you can, hopefully less of a wait time.

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4 years ago

Mine started this about a month ago. Every morning when I turned the system off it announced Wireless Interference Detected. I decided to ignore it & after about 10 days it stopped.

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I had a similar experience. It would declare wireless interference every time I disarmed, but after a couple of weeks it went away. Was good for a few months, but now it has started doing it again. Weird. The SS support folks said not to worry about it, but I would like to understand what is causing it.

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4 years ago

I just got an update and started getting the wireless interference message after the update completed.  I acknowledged the error on the keypad and the message stopped briefly but then started up again.  That's when I tried calling customer support.  While I was waiting on the phone to talk to someone, I found this forum and started reading the messages.  After reading several, I started looking around the room to see what might be causing the interference and I think I found it.  I have a remote control holder  with several remotes and I noticed one had a red light showing.  I had apparently put something in the holder that was pressing one of the remote buttons.  I fix that and no more messages.  I don't know if this will help anyone, but it solved my issue.

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4 years ago

Interesting.  What type or remote?  IR or RF?

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4 years ago

One way to troubleshoot wireless interference is make sure 1) The Base is in a open area, not caged in. (By a window suggested). 2) Try relocating the keypad to another wall or location. Heavy wiring and metal piping can bounce a frequency.



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4 years ago

When I had SS2 I had to instances over 5+ years where I encountered interference.  Fist time was a change of SIM from TMobile to Verizon (tower change in the local area). The second one I reported it to SS, the SS rep showed interference on my system and said she "made an adjustment" on her end and to wait a few days if it went away. It did.

I would call SS to troubleshoot; also ask nearby neighbors if any new services (dish, directtv etc)

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1 year ago

Same thing happening to me/us today!  Nothing new, nothing changed, added, moved, removed, rearranged, modified, adjusted, etc.

Went to walk out the door with my daughter and it said "wireless interference detected" and all cameras started recording.

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@digigirlfl​ the "Wireless Interference Detected" warning specifically refers to the local radio communication between the Base Station and the local components. Your Base Station is picking up another signal that might prevent or delay its own communications.

It could be a device that has been newly introduced to your home, or it could be a device that's been there for a while and has only now become strong enough to be a potential issue. But whatever it is, it's broadcasting at a lower frequency, so it's probably something simple or "low-tech", like a remote controlled garage door opener, a baby monitor, many even a wireless weather station.

Finding the source of interference of course means looking for devices in your home like that. If you haven't already, we strongly suggest reaching out to our Support team, who can take you through the troubleshooting step by step!

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