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Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 4:26 PM

Extend Sensor Range

It would be great if the keypads could be made to extend the sensor range. I have door and window sensors in my shop and a lot of times the sensors lose connection to the Base unit. The sensor range is so small it is even hard to get the base located in a spot to communicate to all of them in a two story home... Is there any way to extend the range of the sensors???!

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10 months ago

Hi @j_bwild, 

Currently, there is no way to extend the range of the sensors. However, they do already have a range of about 800ft in open air (so if it was placed outside with nothing in the way.) In a building, physical and wireless factors may decrease the range a bit.

You mention that your Entry Sensors lose connection with your Base Station often, do you know if any of your Entry Sensors are placed on metal? Likewise, do you have brick or adobe walls, metal siding, or mesh insulation in your shop? All of those make up the worst offenders when it comes to physical interference. I would also consider moving the Base Station to a more central area of your shop, if possible. 

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