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Saturday, April 30th, 2022 3:55 PM

Base station disarms itself and initiates firmware update

​Yesterday morning when we left our home we set the system to Armed Away. When we returned, the keypad was displaying an Out of Range error and the base station was showing a solid amber light. We left it that way for five hours before I finally unplugged the base station and removed a battery to reset it. When I turned it back on, the base station went to new installation mode but did not recognize the keypad. I did that two more times last night with the same result. The chat operator advised me to do the same thing again this morning, and then advised me to remove the batteries to reset the keypad. I did that, which reset the keypad, and now I've had to re-install all my devices, set up wifi, and re-create all settings. The chat operator also told me that the solid Amber meant the base station was undergoing a firmware update and implied that I disrupted the firmware update by unplugging and removing the battery (even though it had been stuck for 5+ hours). The timeline on my app shows me arming the system at 8:03am, camera motion detected several times (it was our lawn guy), and then nothing until showing a power outage the second time that I unplugged it last night. In other words, nothing on the timeline shows that the system was ever disarmed with a PIN or otherwise. ​

​Does anyone know why the base station would disarm itself and initiate an update without a user authorizing it? Everything seems to be back to normal but I'm concerned the same thing is going to happen again. ​

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11 months ago

Thank you for reporting. I am forwarding both of your cases to our engineering team to investigate.


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11 months ago

Same issue here. Base station went into an update on its own. It said "welcome to SimpliSafe" and is now stuck with a yellow light. The keypads say the base station is updating, but it's already been 2 hours. My alarm is bricked and tech support is not available now. First night in a long time we are sleeping with no alarm. 

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4 months ago

I've applied firmware updates 3 or 4 times.  Each time the update completes successfully, I have to add every device.  Why do all the entry sensors, simpli disappear?  To test this out, all I need to do is see if one of our door chimes.  If it doesn't, I open devices and there are none.

I understand firmware updates and why they are required.  I don't understand how each time after the firmware update, I have to add each device.  Can someone explain why?

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