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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 4:20 PM




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2 years ago

@riverroadgv if you want to be alerted about your bedroom door being opened at 3am, put an entry sensor on it, set to secret alert and turn on your push notifications. When it hits your phone,  have notifications sound on. You can also do chimes on bases.

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2 years ago

If you purchase an additional siren for your master bedroom, it can be configured to sound the door chimes.

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2 years ago

We use an entry sensor on our safe and our garage door that notifies us via push notifications anytime the door is opened.  It doesn't matter if the alarm is off, set to home, or set to away.  It's just a matter of adding the sensor where you want it and then adjusting your settings for that particular sensor.  You may have to do this on a computer, but if you go into your Simplisafe device settings, under intrusion sensors, you will notice there are settings you can change for when the alarm is off, set to home or set to away.  This is where you would set these two sensors to secret alarms.  But you have to understand, even when your alarm is set to home/away it will not set off the alarm. It will only send you a push notification.
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