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Friday, November 18th, 2022 4:16 PM

Annual Holiday Wish List

​Happy Turkey Day and Holiday Wishes to everyone!  As Thanksgiving quickly approaches kicking off the holiday season I thought it would be a great time to do my annual "what would you want Simplisafe to leave under your tree this year"?  Here's my top short list:​

​1. System status flag that passes on to digital assistants. (SS3 is off, armed away, armed home, alarm state) so I can then have all of my IoT lights (9 of them) all go on and have my house look like a Christmas tree inside and out)​

​2.  Allow specific intrusion sensors to be armed and active in off mode.  (I have 3 basement windows not opened in 35 years)​

​3. Garage door sensors fully integrated into the system​

​4. Outdoor cameras to live stream as fast as the Simplicams and Doorbell Pro​

​5. Support multiple user configurations on same account.​

​Okay, that's my SImplisafe Santa's wish list. How about your?​

​And to all, a Merry, prosperous and safe holiday season and New Year! HO HO HO​

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2 months ago

Waiting on them to release the battery operated doorbell I beta tested last year, and to fix the outdoor cameras. The delay to load live stream kills me 

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