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Monday, May 9th, 2022 6:01 PM

Video Doorbell Pro delay with Ohmkat AC Adapter

Is there a solution for this 5 second delay for base station chime?

 I neither had a wired transformer nor a chime. I purchased and hard wired a 20 VAC 500 mA ohmkat adapter (meant for SS video doorbell pro).

It is disappointing to see the 5 second delay for the base station chime while entry sensors don’t have any delay at all.

After reading these posts, I am wondering if I need a higher voltage and amperage (I only hear single chime when the button is pushed).

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2 years ago

Hi @vselva ,

Unfortunately, since you're working with an unsupported add-on, I'm not able to provide insight on how it works or how it can affect performance.

But I did create a new thread for you, just in case others in the Community have had experience in this area.

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Which unsupported add-on am I using?

Are you referring to the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro?


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That "Ohmkat AC Adapter". The Video Doorbell Pro is designed to be plugged into a wired doorbell system only.

I am curious, though. When you press the Video Doorbell Pro's button, do you get the immediate ding-dong sound from the unit itself?

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@vselva​ I think he's suggesting your AC adapter is unsupported because it's not made by them... you know because your doorbell won't work unless it has SimpliSafe™ AC power vs. generic AC power. 😋

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@xephael nah. You're partially right, we can't support that product because we don't make it. So we can't guarantee that it will work as intended.

To be clear, I am in no way saying that it won't work. It's just that we at SimpliSafe aren't able to provide info.

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