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Thursday, March 9th, 2023 7:47 PM


KNOWN ISSUE: iOS App Resets when Minimized, preventing MFA Login

​Hi all,​

​When Multi-Factor Authentication is enabled, and after attempting to log into the SimpliSafe app with your username and password, the next step is to check your SMS inbox for a confirmation code.​

​There is a known issue in the iOS version of the SimpliSafe app where minimizing resets it - so when you switch back to the SimpliSafe app, the box where you would normally enter the confirmation code is no longer available.​

​I am happy to report that this issue has now been ​​RESOLVED​​ via an update that is rolling out now. Please make sure to update the SimpliSafe app through the iOS App Store. If you still have trouble, please let us know.​

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3 months ago

Even with the latest Simplisafe iPhone App version 2078.51.0, when switching, e.g., out of the Simplisafe App to the iMessage App and back will cause the app to restart.

This annoying "restart on every entry" feature is very bad on useability, especially during the set up of 2-factor authentication. If we missed the banner notification from the iMessage for the authentication code, we have to switch to the iMessage app to read the code, then switch back to the Simplisafe app to enter it. But when switched back to the Simplisafe app, it restarts and forced us to restart the process again! Why can't it just continue from where it was left off to allow us to finish the process?

This is really useless and making the 2-factor authentication very challenging! Please fix this annoying "feature"!

-- a very frustrated and angry customer. 

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Simplisafe iPhone app always restart when switching between apps

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Hi @hclihn welcome to the community.

The app shouldn't be refreshing so frequently, especially to the point it restarts. The expected behavior is that the app picks up where you left off upon opening, albeit you may need to occasionally log back in or verify through MFA/biometrics. 

How many apps do you have open on your phone when this behavior occurs? If you have many open, it's possible that there could be a mismanagement with the iOS Ram that is shutting the app down when it is out of focus. A quick test here would be to force quit all apps, open SimpliSafe and try to set up your account with 2FA again.

If you have any further issues with this, please let me know and I'd be happy to dig into it further with you.

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I did the way you instructed (force quit all apps) and start the 2FA process. Unfortunately, the App still restarts after switching back to it.

To make it reproducible on your end, please try the following steps:
  1. Force quit all apps.

  2. Start the Simplisafe App. Go to Manage Account > Multi-factor Authentication. Then enter your password.

  3. Once you have pressed the Continue button. You will receive a text about the code.

  4. Pretend that you did not see the code in banner notification.

  5. Swipe up to the middle of the screen to switch to the iMessage app.

  6. Read the code in the iMessage App.

  7.  Swipe up to the middle of the screen to switch to the Simplisafe app.

  8. The app restarts by itself and never resume from where it was left off (entering the code screen). This interrupts the 2FA process which you have to start over again resulting in the 2FA process never completes (until Simplisafe complaints that you have sent too many text message in an hour and insists that you have wait for a long while to resume).

I don't think the restarting behavior is due to iOS's limitation, but more of the Simplisafe App's annoying behavior. This is the only app I have used which does a restart on all (re)entry.

Your SW team needs fix this behavior in your App code! 

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@hclihn​ thanks for the details. Unfortunately yes, we are not able to reproduce this behavior on our end. We'll be referring your case to a specialist for further investigation.

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