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How do I adjust the angle of my Video Doorbell Pro?


Your Video Doorbell Pro comes with an up-down adjustable angle bracket. This can be used to adjust up to 10° where your Video Doorbell's viewing range is directed. If you need an additional, replacement, or left-right angle bracket, please contact customer support and we will be happy to supply you with one.

Installing an angle bracket

The included angled base straightens a doorbell placed on a slanted surface, such as siding or shingles, or may be used to adjust the angle of the camera up or down.

  1. Follow installation steps 1 – 3 here.

  2. Screw the Angled Base to the wall.

    • Place the angled based with the smooth side to the wall.

    • Thread doorbell wires through the center opening, then screw the bracket to the wall using the 1" screws. 

  3. Attach the Mounting Bracket on top

    • Screw mounting bracket onto angle bracket using the two small angle-bracket screws.

  4. Continue through installation steps 5 – 9 here.