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IMPORTANT: For systems purchased before 2020, you may lose connection to professional monitoring as of 12/31/22 if your Base Station 2G cellular module is not upgraded. Call us or check your SimpliSafe app Overview screen to see if your system is affected.

Glassbreak Sensor Installation Guide


Glassbreak Sensors are programmed to listen for the specific frequency of windows breaking. They're even sensitive enough to know the difference between a plate breaking, and a window breaking.

Inside SimpliSafe’s Glassbreak Sensor is a small microphone that is calibrated to react to the sound of the glass being struck and then breaking. Pane glass has a certain sound frequency when smashed, which the sensor hears and then trips the alarm. The sensor is listening for the initial “thump” of the glass being struck, which in effect “wakes” it up, and the sound of the glass breaking micro-seconds later trips the alarm.

Watch the video below for a hands-on experience from our team of experts for the installation process