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How is my Privacy Being Protected When Using Live Guard Protection?


​From the moment we began development of 24/7 live guard protection, ensuring our customers’ privacy remains secure has been a top priority. We’ve taken several steps in this regard.​

​Monitoring agents do not have access to live camera streams outside of alarm events. Temporary access is only granted when an alarm signal reaches the monitoring center. Canceling the alarm (either by disarming the system within 60 seconds of an alarm signal, responding with “C” to an alarm text within 2 minutes to cancel, or by providing a safeword over the phone or through the camera) will end the agent's live video access.​

​If an alarm isn’t canceled, agent live video access expires after 20 minutes, measured from when the first alarm signal is sent to the monitoring center. ​

​Any time an agent streams live during an alarm event, the Status LED of that camera will blink Amber instead of Blue, giving persons in the home the ability to simply glance at a camera and know if an agent is viewing that camera live.​

​At the beginning of an alarm, when the agent opens the Video Verification app for that location and gains access to your camera(s), you’ll receive an event on your timeline indicating and documenting this access. Any time an agent streams live from the camera(s), the entire duration of their stream is recorded. You’ll receive a timeline event with each recording, so you’ll always be able to see what our agents saw, heard, and if they activated 2-way audio, what they said. If they activate 2-way audio, you’ll also receive a push notification and timeline event indicating this. During this period, the agent will have access to a short video clip(s) from any recordings made by any camera on your system caused by this alarm event. Finally, when an agent’s access to your camera(s) ends (either because you canceled the alarm, or the 20-minute window expired), you’ll receive an event on your timeline. ​

​Finally, during the beta program only our test team will have access to and collect data from your system and its usage, for the purposes of improving the 24/7 live guard protection service. Any recordings collected by our team during the 24/7 live guard protection beta program will be retained for 30 days unless we have explicit permission from the beta participant to retain it for longer. For more information regarding data collection, the confidentiality of the beta program, or anything else, please consult your beta program agreement.​